Sunday, November 16, 2008

we real cool

Hey, I did it! But I'm not sure how. I signed in and suddenly I am a part of this blog's contributors. I feel so important, yet so impotent.

I am rather abnormally excited about a Vancouver-area blogger group - I think it's because we tend to get lumped into Portland whenever anything 'local' is formed and though I adore Portland and many of its people, I am a Washingtonian and a smallish-town girl at heart. Vancouver is a nice place on its own, separate from Portland, and I look forward to sharing the love in our little city.

Thanks for bringing us together here, Shana.

Peace out.

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Shana said...

I agree! I love Portland, but I like having a bit of a separate identity as well. Still waiting for you to come up with a great name : ) Also, invite others that you know to become contributors if you'd like to, or send me their email addresses if it doesn't "work" when you do it. I already hit Mama Milton.