Monday, November 17, 2008

Heres what I got

The Vancouver Cougars (tamed and taken of course)

The Vancouver Vixens

Vancouver Moms Blog

Couve Moms

Moms in the Couve

SW WA Ma's Blog

Ladies: Live from Vancouver

Moms in State of Starbucks

Washington Blog Mavens Society

Cracking the Wit in Washington

WA WeBloggers

Tis my contribution for the day! Off to guzzle some high octane nectar of Starbucks and get to work!


Shana said...

Let's go with something not mom specific because not every blog I read is a mom. I should have thought about that when I registered the vanmoms site, but I am kind of dense sometimes.

Blog Mavens Society cracks me up. Makes me feel like one of the Golden Girls.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I like something that refers to wit...But clearly I'm not much help beyond that.

Will keep mind open.